Chapter History

The University of Vermont has made strides to provide an inclusive community for its students, working to empower under served identities. However, the students are also agents of change who work just as hard and sometimes even harder to ensure that the University gives due support to these students.

The Founding Sisters: Agents of Change

In Spring 2008, Zulairam Ruiz saw the need for a sisterhood that would cater to the needs of not only just Latina womyn, but the entire UVM community with a focus on the ALANA community at UVM. She felt that many womyn still lacked opportunities to reach their potential, therefore paving the way for LTA to be established at UVM, could give womyn other organizations to empower and support them in their time in university and for the rest of their lives. With the help of Chrissaida Crawford and the Greek Life advisor, The Interested Ladies of Lambda Theta Alpha Latin Sorority, Incorporated was born. 

Recruiting members like Flory Medina and Jennifer Diaz, these women began to work with the institution and Lambda Theta Alpha to bring the first Latina Sorority in the nation to UVM. The Interest Group worked very hard to establish a name for themselves on this campus and in the Greek Community through fundraising, community service, philanthropy, and educational programming, all the while learning more about LTA and how to run a chapter. 

As a predominately white institution, UVM proved to be a barrier for the recruitment of womyn for the interest group. As a predominant white institution, dominated by traditional white sororities, there is a very narrow understanding of multicultural sororities and culture, creating a one-dimensional environment and way of thinking. But in the end, no matter what obstacles these women went through, they kept their eyes on the prize. This organization hopes to be an amazing achievement, something that womyn at UVM can be proud of, and have a place to call home.

Women came and left the Interest Group, but in the end, reppin  "Latin by tradition, NOT by definition," only 7 amazing women remained, to establish Epsilon Zeta Chapter de Lambda Theta Alpha Latin Sorority, Incorporated,

The Perpetual Dynasty

"Las Siete Luminarias"

Jennifer Diaz "C"

Maria Benalcazar "C"

Shiren Chan "I"

Flory Medina" A"

Chrissaida Crawford "M"

Zulairam Ruiz-Agosto "A"

Stephanie Guerrero "M"

PM- Shakira Aida Ramos

APM- Diana Rodriguez

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