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Thanks for you interest in our beautiful Sisterhood!!!

Lambda Theta Alpha is committed to the growth and diversity of its Sisterhood. In order to ensure the continual growth and advancement, this is successfully achieved through the interest group called "Interested Ladies of Lambda Theta Alpha". The Ladies of Lambda Theta Alpha Latin Sorority, Incorporated take great pride in the interest group and devote much time to its success, as these womyn are the future.

Lambda Theta Alpha recognizes the importance of reaching out to others, to form a united community of professional, diverse, culturally and politically conscious women. We are not an exclusive organization and our deepest hope is that womyn will choose to reach their ultimate potential, thereby fostering positive change, paving the way for future womyn. This is our right and our legacy.

The main goals of the interest group are to establish working and social relationships with the Sisters and with the other interested ladies. As an active member of the interest group, interested ladies gain insight into becoming a member of Lambda Theta Alpha. These womyn learn responsibility, hard work, and how to run an organization.

By their collaborative efforts, past interest groups have attained high levels of success and have gained essential insight as to what Lambda Theta Alpha is— an organization...a Sisterhood...based on Unity, Love and Respect...and dedicated to the empowerment of minorities and the universal woman through her education, a love of culture, the disenfranchised, her surrounding communities and their potential to change the world.

Latin by Tradition...NOT by Definition... 

Plain Old Oyster

Author Unknown


There once was an oyster, whose story I'll tell

Who found that some sand, had gotten into his shell

It was only a grain, but gave him great pain

For oysters have feelings, although they are plain Now, did he berate the harsh workings of fate

That had brought him to such a deplorable state?

"No", he said to himself, "Since I cannot remove it",

I'll lie in my shell, and think how to improve it",

The years rolled around, as the years always do,

And he came to his ultimate destiny .... stew.

Now the small grain of sand that had bothered him so, Was a beautiful pearl all richly aglow, This tale has a morale, for isn't it grand,

What an oyster can do with a morsel of sand?

Think...what could we do, if we'd only begin,

With some of the things that get under our skin.

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